Friday, 14 August 2015

Your Right to Know

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At the Guardian's Masterclass on Investigative Journalism, Helen Darbishire of Access Info gave a fascinating talk on our right of access to information. Her presentation was entitled Your Right to Know: Legal Leaks. This is a topical subject in Britain. 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. There is also much discussion about a British bill of rights.

Following a brief history, Helen explained that Freedom of Expression includes the Right of Access to Information (UN Human Rights Committee, Article 19, 27 July 2011). Such information includes records held by a public body, regardless of the form in which the information is stored, its source and date of publication (e.g. even an official's handwritten notes). 

There are two obligations:
i) Reactive - obligation to respond to FOI requests
ii) Proactive - obligation to publish information.

Helen gave the audience ten top tips to follow in pursuing FOI requests

·      TIP 1
            It might be public already!

·      TIP 2
            Set prejudice aside
            (Don't assume that you will never get the desired information).

·      TIP 3
            Know your right/law

·      TIP 4
            Keep a record of your requests. Set an alarm.
            European FOI time frames vary
            Best in class: Estonia, Iceland & Sweden at 5 days
            Worst in class: Austria at 42 days
            United Kingdom: 20 days

·      TIP 5
            Think laterally

·      TIP 6
            Go public with your request
            A request is a story. Campaign for an answer.

·      TIP 7
            Be prepared for the answer
            Have experts on standby to help you analyse the data on receipt.

·      TIP 8
            Anticipate exceptions
           Send separate requests. Don't be too obvious in what you are after.
           Cross-referencing information can fill in blanks.

·      TIP 9
            Appeal, Appeal, Appeal
            Know the deadlines. Ask for an expert. Cultivate pro bono lawyers.

·      TIP 10
            A refusal is a story to publish

·      BONUS TIP
            It's your right: use it or lose it!

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