Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gym with a view

Ruislip Lido Outdoor Gym

When I want to get away from my desk, my favourite local spot is Ruislip Lido. Ruislip offers easy access to Central London and Heathrow Airport, but the countryside and various nature reserves aren't far away either. A number of Anglicity's blogs have been written in my head as I walked through Ruislip's woods and around the lake. I always find fresh air inspires me. 

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View over Ruislip Lido towards the Water's Edge Pub

I can't say that I miss my old daily commute into Central London since turning freelance. Unfortunately, I have gained weight as a result. I used to follow a regular routine of walking up all the escalators on my way to work. I spent lunchtimes wandering in Green Park or St James's Park.  Obviously, these activities helped me keep the weight off much more than I realised.

I don't like gyms as a rule. I definitely don't like some of their tight contract clauses. I enjoy swimming if the pool is calm and quiet, but I would much prefer to exercise outdoors. My favourite activity is walking.

I was born in the green city of Bristol. I have fond memories of The Downs in Clifton and the Ashton Court Estate with its well-known International Balloon Fiesta. I was lucky to grow up in the area of the most famous English cheese: Cheddar in North Somerset. 

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset 

This is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I had the Mendip Hills, the Somerset Levels, Cheddar Reservoir and the Black Rock Nature Reserve as my "playground". With a limited country bus service, you either walked or rode your bike everywhere.

Calm, luminous swan among the frantic ducks

Ruislip Lido has the perfect solution for this "country girl at heart" to exercise. The outdoor gym has a wonderful view of the lake. I can "walk" on my favourite apparatus there (see picture). I can exercise while admiring the view. My project management article on LinkedIn and this blog was inspired by the fighting ducks and gliding swans on the lake.

Can you beat my inspirational gym with a view?

Karen Andrews is a freelance copywriter and translator based in Ruislip, Hillingdon. If you wish to discuss Anglicity Ltd's services, please email or call Karen on +44 (0)20 8581 9369.

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