Friday, 23 January 2015

What can blogs learn from Rembrandt?

Anglicity continues the recent blog and art themes. Two pictures particularly captured my attention at London's National Gallery recently. Both were Rembrandts: just two portraits of old age cast in a warm light. What can modern-day blogs learn from Rembrandt?

The traditional press release has been done to death. Everyone knows the formula: a few paragraphs and a quote or two. Every company tries to get its flattering viewpoint across. Spin results. Journalists become cynical. Their editors need to sell papers. Cue exaggeration and sensationalism. Research scientists complain*. The merits of human creative translation go ignored. The world is fascinated with the latest technology. It glosses over any imperfections and social concerns.

Many have turned to blogs to get their viewpoints across to the Media and public. How do you stand out? After subprime mortgages and the financial crisis, the public is suspicious. Spin makes readers switch off. Honesty works best.

Rembrandt's pictures expose the cares and wrinkles of old age. The light is warm and kind. It is possible to tackle difficult issues in blogs. The warmth of a true and honest portrait or story can shine through. Much like the warm light in a Rembrandt.

* See Anglicity's Robotics in the Media

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