Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hitting your target audience with blogging

Ten pin bowling

In this third blog on target audiences, I move on from the National Gallery documentary to my own blog. Marketing is not an exact science. There are constant adjustments. Sometimes you hit your target audience. Sometimes you miss. Sometimes you hit an unexpected target. I will share what I have learnt from my own blog targets.

Early blogs
I wrote my first blog back in 2012. I came from the conservative marketing world of financial services. The reaction to my first blog was unexpected. My perspective was still very much that of a client on translation. That first blog went "viral" on Success or failure?

Other early blogs drew vocal reactions. They were not generally my targets at all. Over time I have developed my style and tone. Adverse comments can make you think that you have got something seriously wrong. To the outside world, it may appear that blogging is risky. However, I have now learnt that if something feels 100% comfortable and safe, it won't have many readers.

Checking my blog, Google+ or Twitter analytics is like looking under the bonnet of a car. I can see which subjects gain a bigger readership, on which devices and in which countries. Initially, a post receives some adverse comment perhaps. The uproar is visible. But analytics show that my blog has a much larger, quiet readership.

Blog content often seems to reach a wider audience than even analytics reveal. Other translators refer to my blogs at events. I hear my own written words quoted quietly and indirectly. Some disagree. Some agree to disagree. But many more seem to quietly agree. Translators are not my target audience, but they do sometimes give referrals.

When I started my blog, my target audience was direct clients. My actual clients and prospects have turned out to be direct clients (private individuals, freelance translators and companies), translation, transcreation and content management agencies. Blogging hasn't brought this about in isolation. My strategy has evolved. I have tested out different content to reach my varied target audiences.

It's a bit like ten pin bowling. Some blogs end up in the gulley. Others hit the buffers and bounce back in. Sometimes you hit the outer pins only. Over-adjust and you hit the pins on the opposite side. Sometimes it takes two blogs to hit all the pins.  And then, just when you think the ball is rolling off to the side, you get a strike.


Whatever... I enjoy writing and building up a portfolio of work. It's a hit.

What are your views on blogging?

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