Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ordinary Europeans for Nobel Peace Prize?

Pic of 3 silhouettes of refugees on blue and white background of Greek flag

Ordinary Europeans have shown extraordinary courage and selflessness towards the many refugees who have arrived in their lands. When others turned them away with barbed wire and troops, the Greeks and Germans welcomed them with true humanity.

Greece is not a rich country. We are all aware that the Greek people have suffered the most in the economic crisis under Austerity. Still they remind us of what is important in life: our common humanity.

A nomination is currently doing the rounds for the Greek islanders to be nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. They helped those in need and mortal danger without any expectation of reward. A smile was enough.

The German people also extended an extraordinary hand of welcome. Integration will not be easy. There are already and will be many problems. A Nobel Peace Prize will be a source of inspiration. When the difficulties ahead cause some to doubt, it will continue to encourage.

The Greeks and Germans do not have the easiest relationship in Europe. Shouldn't both peoples be recognised for their part in handling the refugee crisis?

The nomination is in our hands. Yes, we could nominate a high profile figure. Doesn't it give a better message to the world when ordinary people are nominated? Together the Greek and German peoples showed us the more compassionate Europe and World that we would all like to live in.

For such leadership, without hope of recognition, the Greek and German peoples should be recognised together.

Link to the Greek Islanders nomination:

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