Sunday, 3 April 2016

Should you choose a robot or a human?

Who's playing the violin?

Can a robot make music?

It looks like it can...

Pic of white modern robot playing the violin
Robot playing violin

It plays... but would you choose to go and see it in a concert hall? Is it a virtuoso?

Machines can translate.  They can do a great job for a gist translation. They can work in highly customised domains with a lot of investment and input from experienced, specialist hands.

But would you honestly trust your creative marketing translations to a machine translation? There are greater risks.

A brand risk... 
A risk to your personal reputation... 
A risk of a damaging new product launch...
... or a risk to an existing market.

Will a machine offer cultural advice?
Can it help you plan your marketing strategy and tactics?
Can it offer you reassurance by answering your questions or responding to your concerns?
Can it transcreate?
Rewrite sections that don't apply or that your local office is unhappy with for its clients?
What about SEO?
Will a robot be your partner throughout the campaign?

Choose a human professional translator. There is so much to consider.

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