Friday, 23 December 2016

Architects' Gingerbread City

Pic of elaborate Gingerbread station with large windows and pillars

The Museum of Architecture and Tibbald's Planning and Design came up with a novel way to increase public awareness of urban planning. I hurried along to see the unusual Christmas exhibition on its final day in London's South Kensington.

Pic of angled gingerbread offices with diamond shaped boiled sweet glass windows
Recognisably Foster & Partners even in gingerbread!

Judging by the range of gingerbread creations, architects were inspired by the opportunity to work in a new medium. It also brought out a competitive edge. Museum visitors were requested to vote for their favourites. Judge for yourself using my photos and YouTube video below.

Cottrell & Vermeulen's gingerbread entry
Piercey & Company's gingerbread entry
Penoyre & Prasad's gingerbread entry

Sarah Wiggleworth Architects included a roof-top tennis court and swimming pool

It's amazing that most gingerbread buildings managed to survive days of visitors and inquisitive little fingers after the tempting sweets...

Under grandmother's watchful eye
Urban design with water and green environment
Aerial view of rooftops in varied materials and popcorn trees

Pic of gingerbread construction site with crane in foreground
They even thought of a crane!

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