Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas Spectacle at Kew Gardens

Animation of light and laser show using Kew's Palm House and lake

The Christmas Light Trail at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew is spectacular. There is always another dazzling surprise ahead. Christmas at Kew has something to please all ages. 

Pic of white lit Christmas trees on either side at the entrance to the trail

Talking Christmas trees welcome you at the entrance.

Pic of Partridge in Pear Tree and 3 French hens in circles of lit torches of fire

The selective depiction of a well-known Christmas song was stunning. You can see the partridge in a pear tree with three French hens above. The Twelve Days of Christmas played as you admired the circles of lit torches. The torch fires were maintained with great attention.

Pic of light tunnel with visitors standing inside taking pictures and videos

Everyone stopped, stared, listened and admired the musical, tunnel of light. 

The candle lanterns glowed against the black, night sky.

Pic of tall candle lanterns against black, night sky at Christmas at Kew

Kew's Hive was transformed. The star of the 2015 Milan Expo now resembled a UFO...

Pic of Expo 2015's The Hive lit up at night for Christmas at Kew 2016

... especially if you stood underneath the humming structure...

close-up pic of underneath lit Hive at Christmas at Kew 2016

The botanical gardens appeared to have acquired some otherworldly plants too.

Pic of large white flowers or plants at Christmas at Kew 2016

Long-standing residents were also bathed in a brand new coat of colourful light - including Kew's ancient pagoda tree believed to date back to 1760.

Pic of ancient tree, bent over and bathed in purple and red light

Kew's trees looked amazing even bathed in white light. I loved eerie quality of the tangled branches below. The permanent tree residents were very much part of the spectacular night-time show.

Pic of tangled branches lit up at Christmas at Kew

Kew's iconic palm house provided a spectacular finale. A light and laser show amazed the gathered audience. Familiar Christmas songs played out in the night air. The majestic Palm House displayed her colourful dance of light. It reflected right across the lake. Christmas presents, snowflakes and decorations twirled along her familiar glass structure. Beams of light searched out across the lake and up into the night sky.

Pic of Kew's Palm House lit up in red and green light
Kew's iconic Palm House in her Christmas red and green colours

I haven't given away all the remarkable surprises. I doubt that you will find a better Christmas light display anywhere this year. Christmas at Kew is quite simply a must-see for all.


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