Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Casting Light on Urban Renewal

Pic of wide walkway between well-lit offices, sole pedestrian with colorful backdrop and Christmas tree

A return to a once familiar area can be a revelation. Last night I found myself in Bankside, London. In the 1990s, I would often find myself working in the office late into the evening. As a young woman, I found the late evening walk to the tube too dark, quiet and even unsafe.

Last night, I was amazed at the area's transformation. It really highlights what can be achieved with well-coordinated urban planning and renewal. Just look at the photos.

Colourful building with brightly-lit ground floor

The area has been filled with much brighter office buildings, a new retail area and wider pavements with clear visibility.

Blue Fin Building and retail outlets in Bankside

The old dark, hidden doorways are gone. The lights of shops and offices remain on even outside normal business hours casting light onto the pavements.

Uplighting, low-lighting and lit trees

Additional lighting has been added at various levels. I loved the uplighting of trees. Hedges are kept small and well-lit.

Low-lighting near NatWest Bank  and Bankside offices

The sign on the front of the Citizen M Hotel read 'Another World is Possible'. My experience was a complete contrast with my past memories of the area. It felt that I had stepped into a new world with a bright future.

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