Monday, 29 May 2017

Spanish Festival at Tower Bridge

Pic of 3 flags flying at top of flagpoles in sunshine: Andalusian, Spanish and EU

London staged its first Spanish cultural festival this Bank Holiday weekend. Feria de Londres is more accurately described as an Andalusian festival. A lot of the culture that the British attribute to Spain originates from Andalucia.

Picnic of Churros at London's Tower Bridge, Feria de Londres

The 2-day Feria de Londres was staged on Potters Fields - the green space between London's iconic Tower Bridge and City Hall. I arrived just as Tower Bridge opened to let the Dixie Queen paddlesteamer pass underneath. I captured this and a sample of the Andalusian festivities on the video below. 

Dancing in the 'Spanish' sunshine

The long queue for paella at the Feria de Londres!

The sun blazed down throughout my visit on the happy crowd enjoying the Spanish food, music and dancing.

Karen Andrews is a freelance French to English translator, transcreator, content writer and editor. She has a strong background in global marketing.

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