Monday, 9 January 2017

London’s Boat Show 2017

Pic of model anchor lit up resting against stand staircase at London Boat Show 2017

Rarely can two days have been so full of contrast. On Friday, I went to a former almshouse, now the Geffrye Museum of the Home. On Saturday, I saw the Champagne lifestyle of London’s Boat Show 2017.

Pic on Champagne and glasses on boat at London Boat Show 2017

This show is the 63rd London Boat Show. It marks the start of the boating season as well as being my first trade show of 2017. I was surprised at the sheer range of products on display.

Pic of fire in centre of table with glasses, plates and another table and chairs in background

I saw outboard motors, dinghies, sailing yachts, Cornish crabbers, charts, waterproof clothing and various types of boat shoes, a wide range of safety equipment and mooring ropes, luxury dining furniture, pavilions, compasses, spare parts and maintenance equipment, communications equipment and all sorts of related technology.

Pic of orange open 4 person liferaft
4-person liferaft surrounded by other safety equipment

Luxury Yachts
The stars of the show are undoubtedly the enormous luxury yachts. It must have been quite an operation to line up so many boats and yachts inside the Excel Centre. I remember what an operation it was to negotiate our family’s boat on holiday in and out of Brixham. I wished I’d been a fly on the wall to see how they managed to set up the Boat Show. It must have been quite a feat.

Luxury, award-winning Prestige yacht at 2017 London Boat Show

I relished the chance to see some luxury yachts up close and even to venture inside. I had only previously seen such yachts from the quayside in Monaco or Barcelona. Every surface and accessory seemed to sparkle with care and attention. I admired the quality of the finishing and the technology aboard.

I noted that green and hybrid technology extends to yachts for the environmentally conscious yachtsman.

Pic of hybrid yacht with name and specs visible from the ground looking up
Greenline 36 Hybrid Yacht at London Boat Show 2017

Marina and Champagne
The Boat Show even had its own Marina and Boating Lake. I watched some children kayaking under close supervision of a lady up to her waist in water. There was a large seating area to savour a glass of champagne and admire the surrounding boats and yachts.

Fashion Show
There was also a fashion show on the main stage during my visit. Models wore various boating, sporting and swimming gear. They demonstrated the clothing’s quality and flexibility by dancing, doing gymnastics and even breakdancing.

Below are my selected YouTube video clips from the day.

There are various attractions still to come including the Travel Show and Cruise Show from the final Friday to the closing Sunday on 15th January.

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