Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year's Day Parade

Pic of giant balloon of giant mayor in regalia held down with strings

The New Year's Day Parade took place today in Central London. It continued despite the rain that gradually turned into a heavy downpour. Below are a few photos of the day and some short video clips.

The parade followed a route from Green Park and along Piccadilly via Trafalgar Square to Westminster. I found a spot opposite the Canadian Embassy just off Trafalgar Square.

Pic of donkeys in the parade
The donkeys were popular with the crowd
Pic of drummers
Tonbridge Scout Band

There were several marching bands from the UK and USA.

Keeping your line can be difficult when you follow donkeys and horses.
Pic of marching band with drums and other instruments behind

The rain started as the Virginian marching band reached the Canadian Embassy.

Pic of marching band

I enjoyed the American cheerleaders, tap dancing and flag waving troupes.

Pic of cheerleaders in wet weather gear singing loudly as they walk
American cheerleaders singing enthusiastically
There were a number of floats with walking participants behind.

Pic of child dressed as penguin and man dressed as chimney sweep in parade
Penguin and Sweep dancing behind Mary Poppins float
There were all sort of vehicles - from mini steam engines to an assortment of cars.

Pic of miniature, ride-on steam engine with driver and passenger on trailer

There were a number of charities represented, including St Christopher's celebrating their 50th Anniversary and Polio prevention.

Pic of man dressed in bear costume with banner-carriers for polio behind him
Bear walking for polio eradication charity
Miss Great Britain retained her composure in the back of an open-top car as the rain got heavier.

Miss Great Britain waves to crowds from car in British colours

There were dancers and musicians from a variety of countries. All the participants deserved an award for carrying on so stoically as the rain poured and the crowds ran for shelter. The animation below shows dancers from Berlin carrying on enthusiastically in the rain.

I walked in the direction of Green Park, the start of the parade. On my way, I saw my local borough's entry. The side of Hillingdon's vehicle wished everyone a Happy New Year.

Pic of charity bucket bearer and vehicle behind in Regent Street, London

Lit sign bearing words Happy New Year

The show went on despite the British weather.

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